f you want to be daring try mixing patterns. I find this a little challenging to mix patterns without looking like I put my clothes on in the dark. I feel when it comes to mixing patterns it’s all about proportion between the patterns and spacing. Here are some ways to wear mixing patterns without meshing.

1.       Wanting to wear different colors stick to the same type of pattern like a brown stripe top with a blue stripe skirt.

2.       Mix patterns with one pattern as a solid. When a pattern is very tiny to the eye it will look as a solid and pair it with a big pattern.

3.       Black and white mixing patterns can never go wrong with mixing and matching these two colors with patterns.

4.       Trying staying in the same color family it won’t look like the patterns are meshing together.   

5.       Use neutral colors to space out the patterns like stockings, shoes, or accessories.

6.       Put patterns together that complement each other like stripes and polka dots or floral and stripes.