Every girl wants to accentuate their waist and show off their curves. There are different ways to wear an outfit to show off your curves without wearing a cincher. Here are some tips to rock that waist that you have.

It's All In The Belt
Belts are a good way to accentuate your waist. Wearing a belt shows off the smallest part of your body. There are different belts that can make that happen. Skinny belts are perfect to wear with a high waist skirt or pants to show off your waist. Looks better to wear right under the bust line and never under the waist or hip if you're trying to show off your waist. Wide belts work very well and bring much attention to the waist but if you have a short torso a wide belt wouldn't work. 


Wrap Dress or Top
A wrap dress is a good way to show off your natural waist. There are dresses that are dressy and also casual, but there are also tops if a dress is not an ideal for you. A wrap is mostly one piece and has one side that is wrapped around the torso, but not also does a wrap accentuate the waist but also can hide a tummy bulge.


Color Blocking
 Having color blocking tops can make an illusion of having a smaller waistline. Tops with a bright color in the middle panel with a darker color or black on the side can make an illusion of an hourglass figure. When looking at the top all that will be catching attention is the bright middle panel. Color blocking can also work with tops with horizontal color blocking, with the top of the shirt having a bright color and the bottom of the shirt under the waist with a darker color.